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Summer 2009 Issue of Beyond 50 Magazine
Here's a small sampling of some of the articles that you'll find in the Summer 2009 issue of Beyond 50 Magazine .

TELUS makes a DifferenceTELUS makes a Difference

Education Investment VehiclesEducation Investment Vehicles

Farewell PartyFarewell Party

Cutest Grandchild Winners!

Cutest Grandchild WinnerYou've outdone yourself again! We asked you to send us your "cutest grandchild" pictures and we were not disappointed. Like last year, I'm remaining nameless to protect my identity as I have been given the most difficult task of choosing the winner.

So which ones were my favourite this year? Aiden, the naked cowboy certainly got my attention. As did Dylan,Summer and "cool dude" Bostyn from Penticton. Most memorable must be Henry and his moustache. (I'm wondering if he will grow into that one day.) I couldn't overlook Jordan and Joshua who had the biggest smiles, or Violet, Wells and Xander who have the greatest laugh. Carrie Rose had the chic-est "do", and Keyra must certainly be the most entertaining dinner guest!

Ultimately I have to choose one and the winners are a tie - Erin & Lauren, twins. Not just one but two cutest grand-children. What more could you ask for. They barely beat out Arianna Sylvester and her stage presence. I believe Arianna will be a professional musician one day.

Cutest Grandchild - Runners up

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